Recent Work

Ceramic paint sealant on a outlander in blandford Dorset. 

Kube bond nano X ceramic paint sealant kube bond glass shield applied to the windows deep gloss shine from nano X nano X ceramic coating interior cleaned and carpets treated leather cleaned and treated

Ceramic paint sealant on a Volvo in blandford Dorset 

Washed, clay barred and tar removed 2 stage correction to remove swirl marksnano X ceramic coating applied buffed for a deep gloss shine interior cleaned and treated seats and carpets treated with fabric guard

Headlight restoration in blandford, Dorset 

Sanded to remove contamination polished then a UV hard coating applied 

Full valet on a merc c220 in blandford Dorset.

Washed, dryer and polished windows cleaned interior cleaned and treated seats shampooed boot area cleaned to remove dog hair

Full valet on a merc SLK in crossways Dorset 

Washed and dried windows cleaned and polished paint polished and waxed spray sealant applied interior cleaned leather seats cleaned and treated